1. An Accessible Product

Tap into a massive pool of players

There are millions of basketball players globally. Only 1% have a personal trainer. Why?

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Gameday offers affordable pricing, zero logistics and a cool app,  making it an ideal solution for all players.

2. A Preferable Pricing Model

Affordable recurring subscription model

The right balance between price point and recurring model creates a higher revenue opportunity per user.

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Gameday allows you to build your own subscription tiers and fully control the price!


Create a premium revenue stream by repurposing existing content.


Complements and expands existing offerings. Zero cannibalization.


Full pricing flexibility. Set your own price.

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Pure revenue share. No upfront costs. If you don't earn money, we don't earn either.

3. A Truly Engaging Product: You!

There are lots of apps out there. None of them allows you to be you like Gameday.

While you can engage your players to some degree via social media or content apps, most players will never last for more than few days. They need 100% of you on the other side to guide and support them. Enter Gameday!

The result: longer player engagement and higher lifetime value per user.

With GAMEDAY you are at the center. Show up and engage your players like only you can:

  • Build your own programs and customize it to each player

  • Video analysis

  • Scoring and ratings system

  • Written and audio feedback

  • 1:1 chats

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