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Online training is the

future of skill development.

Train hundreds of players and 

boost earnings with ease and scale.

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100% online. All you need is a phone. 

Boost Your Earnings

Gameday allows you to train hundreds of players with ease and scale.


100% online. All you need is a phone. 


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1. Build Programs

Build custom programs and drills by repurposing your video content.

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2. Onboard Players

Broadcast to your followers and onboard them to Gameday app.

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3. Review Videos

Receive and review the videos submitted by your players. It's easy and can be done anywhere!

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4. Provide Feedback

Provide your feedback and help your players to get to the next level. 


Turn your followers into paying clients

You have the knowledge, experience and following. You can now build it into a brand and turn it into a global academy, effectively training hundreds of players via your phone. 

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Train hundreds of players no matter how busy your schedule is.

Gameday app is designed to make remote training a breeze. We made it very easy to review your players’ videos, providing meaningful feedback thus helping them to improve their game. We can even help you building a team of trainers. Did we mention it’s like having a virtual academy? 



You have a lot to offer to your clients and with the right platform you should be able to see the returns. Gameday allows you to set your own prices and fully control your earnings, thus creating a new premium revenue stream at scale.

Realize the true value of your knowledge and passion

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Create a Premium Revenue Stream

Gameday boosts your earnings with a steady subscription revenue

Revenue Potential

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About Us

We are a team of coaches and trainers dedicated to skill and personal training. Our mission is to make skill training accessible and effective so every athletes can fulfill his or her full potential on and off the court and every trainer can scale his or her own brand and business. 

We believe that sports is the best way to develop character and life skills necessary to meeting one's potential. We also know that the most effective way to develop skills in any type of sports is through personalized 1-on-1 training.  But we also understand that personal training has been expensive and out of reach for many athletes and their families.

Our goal at Gameday is to change that.

We are on a quest to provide everyone around the world with the opportunity to train with a personal trainer while helping personal trainers to scale their brand and business. We envision a world where every athlete has a personal trainer and every trainer has his or her own academy.

Are you ready for Gameday?