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Meet Coach Jussi, one of the leading shooting coaches and the founder of Loop Basketball Training. 

Coach Jussi has created one of the most unique shot training methodologies available today after spending thousands of hours analyzing and interviewing pro players and coaches. 


Utilizing his knowledge of body movement and how to conserve energy and generate power using body motion, Coach Jussi was able to then create the foundation of the Loop Basketball Training which have already raised world wide interest among players and coaches.

About the Loop

The loop is the ball path and the correct flow when shooting the ball. It's the single most critical aspect of the shooting technique.

While one might expect the shot path to be a straight line upwards, the correct path resembles a loop.


The loop has 3 aspects: Feet, Flow and Finish.

The feet determine the shot speed and helps you to shoot fast while being balanced. 

The flow determines the shot power and helps you to soot from a long range. 


The finish determines the shot accuracy and helps you to actually make the shot at a high percentage.

There is no one single loop a player should follow. Each player should adopt the loop that best serves his body mechanics. But it's absolutely a must to develop and practice the loop for anyone who wants to have a strong shot.


A consistent loop creates energy and power for long distance shooting, ensures the rhythm of the shot and makes the release smooth and accurate.

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