Advanced Ball Handling & Coordination Course

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1:1 Training

1-on-1 training and full access to Coach Jussi, including personal video reviews, ongoing feedback and guidance and in-app chat. 

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Innovative App

Sleek and intuitive app with structured weekly plans, daily workouts, and a full library of drills. 

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Progress Tracking

Detailed reports and feedback from Coach Jussi, including performance and technique scores.

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Meet Coach Ronnie, Gameday's ball handling expert. Coach Ronnie consistently works with numerous Gameday players to improve their ball handling and their coordination.

Coach Ronnie has developed a unique methodology to ball handling that involves attention to the small details such as pace and rhythm changes, hand-leg coordination and more. In fact, Coach Ronnie believes that the key to advanced ball control isn't so much about the hand or wrist work. The key is actually in other parts of your body: the shoulder and your brain.

It's counterintuitive but it's proven that the stronger and faster you dribble using your shoulder, the easier it becomes to control the ball and perform advanced drills. To get to that level starts with the mind, avoiding overthinking and having the confidence in your ability. 

Absolute Ball Control

Absolute ball control is a must in today's game. 


More shots are being created today off the dribble than off a pass and to be able to create a shot, every player needs to have an advanced ball control. 

Advanced ball control will allow you to play with confidence, take on opponents 1:1 and become a central player and a go-to-guy on your team. 

So what does absolute ball control entail? 


It entails the ability to dribble at the same level with both hands, being able to execute different types of crosses and fake combinations super fast and tight, and being able to do so  intuitively and using only your instinct in game situations.


Some pro players who are best at it are: Kyrie Irving, James Harden and Steph Curry. 

About the Course

Train 1-on-1 with Coach Ronnie using the Gameday app. You'll get access to all the necessary drills to develop your advanced ball control, including assignments that you'll send to Coach Ronnie for a review and feedback. Coach Ronnie will personally review your drills and guide you on how to improve throughout the course. 

  • Over 100 different drills with more added every month.

  • Weekly and daily workout plans.

  • Assignments to submit for Coach Ronnie's review. 

  • Detailed review and feedback by Coach Ronnie.

  • Feedback includes performance scores and ratings.

  • A detailed profile of your ball handling technique. 

  • In-app 1:1 chat and full access to Coach Ronnie. 

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