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Meet Coach Aldiero, one of the leading skill development coaches in basketball. 

While most coaches are trying to help their players avoid “failure” or messing up, Coach Aldiero believes that mistakes are opportunities to learn. He wants you to go towards failure, not away. The method? Tackle your weaknesses, turn them into strengths and truly transform your game. Those that turn frustration into fascination get the best results. 

Coach Aldiero utilizes a variety of training methods that hold players accountable to the traits & characteristics of elite players. 

Furthermore, one of Coach Aldiero’s biggest strengths is his attention to detail when helping players of all ages and abilities. 

What You'll Learn

Ball handling is the most fundamental skill in basketball. To become an elite player, a player who is creating and impacting the game, you must develop absolute ball control. 


The ability to control the ball at a high level opens new opportunities in the game, from beating defenders to creating shot opportunities to putting you in the position for creating scoring opportunities for your teammates. 


This course is your opportunity to become an elite ball handler and a creator on the court. 


In this course you will learn:

  • What makes great ball handlers great

  • How to better control the basketball

  • How to have a stronger dribble without losing the ball

  • Correct dribble placement

  • Proper body position 

  • How to become more shifty 

  • Key sets of footwork 

  • How to move better with the ball

  • How to use your off hand to defend the ball


We will use different methods to take your ball handling to another level, including drills with:

  • Tennis ball

  • Two balls

  • Single balls

  • Rip cones

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